Assisting local families dealing with life threatening diseases.
The Booker Mini Foundation is more than just the former members of the Booker Mini Band.
We are a group of friends and acquaintances that want to give back to the community and
area that has been so good to us over the years. We have a desire to do our part in helping
families and individuals who have need for a financial helping hand.

Through various fund raising efforts we have raised over three hundred thousand dollars
over the last six years.
We have one major fundraiser every year during the Thanksgiving weekend plus
other smaller events during the year.

Federal Tax id #20-5639462
Non-Profit Status


Mail: Booker Mini Foundation
P.O. Box 5805
Rochester, Mn 55903-5805
Assisting families dealing with life threatening events
Music will always be the vehicle which drives our cause. We come together to celebrate life with our music
in the hopes it will entertain and inspire our community to join in our efforts to help our neighbors.